Post One. What This Blog Is.

Started this blog because why the hell not. It gives me something to do late at night. It will basically just be my rant box and Holly’s “AWWWW” blog.

This will just be a quick post. Click the Read More button to continue. I will likely do this for most posts because I like continuity and clean cut bullshit.

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Photo Post: Holly Booty Photos


Holly Didn’t Disapprove, thats kind of like approving lol. The gallery in this post will get updated time to time.


Im hoping to make a booty photo sticky here if Holly approves it, I want to post non-hiking booty pics, we will see.

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Written Content: No Communications.

Our move has went well. Lots of awesome opportunities arising. We have zero communications where we live unless we go into town. So postsposts and photos will be slow until we get something setup. Got a call back on my police background check, so that is still in process. We are looking at a house on 10 acres soon. Picking up the horses on Monday.

We haven’t been hiking much recently. We are getting into long distance mountain biking and a friend of ours is going to start teaching is rock climbing.

We have only been in Albuquerque a handful of times. Haven’t explored yet. So far money and friend making is going well. Everyone around here is very nice. We have a lot of plans that are coming into fruition soon.

Updates to come.

Thoughts: Ki-Ki Has Passed.

Ki-Ki has passed, she was only noticeably ill for under 20 hours. I wrote this post in her honor.

We are currently listening to loud music and letting off rounds in her honor. She was the most chill mother fucker I ever knew. If you want to model your lives after anyone, look to her. She will teach you the meaning of what its like to only be alive for 6 months. I believe what took her was listeria, but who fucking knows when you are only noticeably ill for 20 hours. I did all  i could. I will tell you this, im more upset than i have been at any other single point in my life. When you learn how to enjoy life, then you will be at KiKis level, until then all you are doing is wasting time. I don’t believe in an after life, or a place to go to. I do however belive in living six months of live better than most live fifty years. Chick was straight OG and very few break my boundaries, but she will have those boundaries broken forever. Nobody, or nothing will ever meet the same level.

If you think you are boss at life but havent meet KiKis level, then you arnt boss at shit.

learn what you care about, and focus on it more than anything while you can, once its gone, you are fucked. All you are left with is time to contemplate how little you cared about what you truly cared about. Fuck jobs and couches. Its all about who you meet and what they can teach you. Learn fast, because sometimes it will be shorter than you think.

I promise two rounds two your chest and Id still care 10x less…

Live life for what its meant to be…


If you think yo mean more to me than her 5 months with me, than you have no idea about life. Get your shit straight and figure out what you want to do with the limited time you may have. The more you make of it, the happier you could be when you are taken at any random time. If you wanna play it safe and hope for 72, have fun. Ill smile now, have fun smiling later.

Photo Post: A Rare Photo Of A Holly In The Wild. Only A Few Photos In Existence.

This is the wild Holly looking ultra Hispanic. Its times like these I feel I need to refer to her as “Mami”. Although she is more tortilla factory Hispanic here than her ultra hott Hispanic stages.

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Thoughts: Happenings As Of Saturday December 6th. Why There Hasn’t Been Any Photo Posts.

Since the beginning of November I have been working out of town, so I haven’t been doing much but working.

I recently started back at my previous construction job in town. Holly works part time at Tractor Supply to supplement her human contact, because in the area we live people don’t interact with each other.

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Photo Post: Gloomy Few Days. Random Photos.

Holly didnt bring her camera to our sweet farm and dog hike yesterday, so there are no photos. Here are her recent random ones. Panoramas located at bottom of post. Click Below To View.

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Photo Post: Hiking. Half Dog Half Farm Crew.

No Booty, Even Though There Was Secret Bikini Bottoms On! :(

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Gear Post: New EDC Gear Setup. More Redonk Than Ever.

New every day carry gear setup. Ultra modified “Dump Pouch” (AR15 Magazine holder). CLICK BELOW TO CONTINUE READING  Continue reading


Monsoon season. The ground out here is very solid, so when it rains…it really doesn’t soak into the ground. It more so puddles on the top 1/2 inch of dirt, making for some slippery shit. No matter what shoes I wear, I always slip (always catch myself). Nick drove down our road and came back because he needed something for work, and told me he slid off the dirt road. There are trenches on each side of the road. I asked, “How did you get out?” He goes “I drove like an asshole” Hahaha. He’s a trip.


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Recent Happenings.

We got over 10 offers for places to rent up north and a few offers locally, due to an ad on craigslist I wrote (Screenshot at bottom of this post). Several of the offers either slowly fell thru or the people wound up being weirdos. We have settled on a place in a small farming community 15 minuets outside of Albuquerque. We move on October 1st. CLICK BELOW TO CONTINUE READING

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The Day

Lately, I have been getting up between 645-730 am due to my pig alarm. :D. It feels good once I am up to be able to use the morning light and get all my farm chores and house chores done. Our neighbor said we are officially a farm. LOL. I think it is official as well. CLICK BELOW TO READ FULL POST

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This Post Contains Actual Written Content, Lol. Todays Happenings.

I don’t know if this will be abrupt or detailed, its being free written and will not be drafted. CLICK BELOW FOR THE REST OF THIS POST

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Photo Post: Just A Stroll Down The Road. Goose And Piggy Walks.

Just a walk down the road. Did a Milton and Burrito Walk. Click Below

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Photo Post: Hiking In Cloud Croft. Standard Stuff. Some Editing. Booty.

Click Below For Photos. Just Some Photos From A Hiking Tip In a 8.7k Elevation Mountain Town Called Cloud Croft.

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