Photo Post: Gloomy Few Days. Random Photos.

Holly didnt bring her camera to our sweet farm and dog hike yesterday, so there are no photos. Here are her recent random ones. Panoramas located at bottom of post. Click Below To View.

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Photo Post: Hiking. Half Dog Half Farm Crew.

No Booty, Even Though There Was Secret Bikini Bottoms On! :(

Click Below To View Photos

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Monsoon season. The ground out here is very solid, so when it rains…it really doesn’t soak into the ground. It more so puddles on the top 1/2 inch of dirt, making for some slippery shit. No matter what shoes I wear, I always slip (always catch myself). Nick drove down our road and came back because he needed something for work, and told me he slid off the dirt road. There are trenches on each side of the road. I asked, “How did you get out?” He goes “I drove like an asshole” Hahaha. He’s a trip.


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The Day

Lately, I have been getting up between 645-730 am due to my pig alarm. :D. It feels good once I am up to be able to use the morning light and get all my farm chores and house chores done. Our neighbor said we are officially a farm. LOL. I think it is official as well. CLICK BELOW TO READ FULL POST

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Photo Post: Just A Stroll Down The Road. Goose And Piggy Walks.

Just a walk down the road. Did a Milton and Burrito Walk. Click Below

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Photo Post: Hiking In Cloud Croft. Standard Stuff. Some Editing. Booty.

Click Below For Photos. Just Some Photos From A Hiking Tip In a 8.7k Elevation Mountain Town Called Cloud Croft.

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Photo Post: Hardcore Weather Today

Click Below For Photos. New Panorama Post Method, Full Size Panos Are Posted Below The Gallery.

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Photo Post: Hiking Day. Dog Canyon.

Photos From Doing A Thing Called “Going Outside”. Holly Takes The Photos (Most Of Them O:-) And I Post Them) Click Below.

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Every day

Every new day, I enjoy our choice to move to NM more and more. It took a while to get settled, and we are still working on getting the small things organized; but for the most part, things seem to be getting better. We still want to move to the northern part of the state, which we both feel meet our requirements a lot more. We just came across what we have and took it to get us out here for now.


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Happy Birthday to the most amazing person in my life, Nick! You are a wonderful/amazing person and I am very lucky to have you in  my life! Hope you have a fun day helping fix up the animal shelter!! You should of brought your little camera.

I truly love you to death and couldn’t live without you, even though I can be mega bitch a lot for no reason, you are the center of my life. :):):) <3<3